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Sterile Disposable Surgical Blade with/without Plastic Handle (Stainless Steel)

Intended for skin and soft tissue separation and cutting

    Intended Purpose

    Intended for skin and soft tissue separation and cutting

    Intended User/Patient Target Group

    Intended to be used by health medical professionals on patients requiring medical procedures.


    This product should not be used for cutting hard tissues such as bones and teeth.

    Product Description

    The products are available as sterile disposable blades or sterile disposable scalpels with plastic handle.The:blades are made of stainless steel (abbreviated SS).Scalpels are composed of a blade connected to a plastic handle and protected by a plastic cover. The products are individually packed in medical sealing bag aluminum foil packs)and sterilized by gamma irraliation.


    ® Do not resterilize! Repeated sterilization may lead to embrittlement of the packaging material and compromise the sterility of the product within the validity period. Do not reuse or cross-use! Reuse of the device could result in infection/contamination and/or device failure which could lead to patient harm.
    ®Do not use rusty blades! Use of rusty blades may cause infectio1,fever and other harms.
    ®Do not use if the package is opened ordamaged! The sterility of the product may becompromised which could result in infection ofthe patient.
    ®Do not use after the expiry date! The sterility of expired products may be compromised which could resultin product performancefailure and infection of the patient.
    ®After use,the blade should be disposed ofinaccordance with medical waste regulations toavoid environmental pollution and injury to persons.


    The products are intended to be used byqualified medical professionals.The specification of the blade should be selectedaccording to the needs of the operation.
    During use avoid twisting,bending or putting excessive force on the blade to preventproduct damage.
    Avoid excessive use!Ifthe blade becomesdull or breaks, dispose and replace the product.
    Keepin mind that surgical blades are sharpinstruments.Take proper precautions in handling the blade so as not to injure yourselfor others before,during, or after use.