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Medical Digital Display Forehead Infrared Thermometer

Medical infrared frontal thermometer - fast, accurate, protect your health

In today's fast-paced life, health monitoring has become particularly important. The LY-801A medical infrared frontal thermometer is a non-contact, efficient and accurate body temperature measurement tool for use in homes, hospitals and public places.

    Product features

    1. Three-color backlight function: clearly display different colors to distinguish the measurement state, and can be easily read even in dim environments.
    2. 1 second quick measurement: saves time and improves detection efficiency, especially suitable for environments that require frequent temperature monitoring.
    3. Heat warning: When the high temperature is measured, the device will send a prompt to help you quickly identify abnormal body temperature.
    4. 32 sets of memory: The ability to store up to 32 sets of measurement data makes it easy to track and share health information.


    Main parameters

    - Wide range of temperature display, covering normal and hot state of human body.

    - High accuracy with ±0.3 ° C clinical deviation to ensure the accuracy of measurement results.

    - Strong environmental adaptability, can work stably under various climatic conditions.

    - Low voltage prompt function to avoid the use of insufficient power.


    Design details

    - Lightweight product, about 93g (without battery), easy to carry.

    - Reasonable dimensions, 154mmx97mmx41mm (+2mm), easy to operate and store.

    - Automatic shutdown function to save power and extend battery life.

    Battery specifications: DC3V(1.5V*2 AA), strong versatility, easy to replace.

    Whether you are taking care of your family at home or taking professional temperature measurements in the hospital, the LY-801A medical infrared frontal thermometer is the ideal choice for you. Fast, accurate and easy to use, it's your go-to tool for health management. For additional details, please refer to the instructions for more product features and precautions.


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