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The Latest Product Usmart 5.5Mm Spinal Screw System Made In China

Optional self-breaking plug, to avoid screw screw torque is too large, damage to the plug.

Screw plug hexagonal flower design, enhance the centrality of the wrench.

The screw plug adopts a larger thread spacing to avoid wrong thread buckle.

Special press rod instrument to enhance operation operability and safety.

Unique transverse design, more flexible operation.

    Excellent system stability

    1. The bottom of the plug adopts convex design to enhance stability.
    2. Screw plug negative Angle thread design to avoid the phenomenon of nail arm expansion.
    3. Single-axis screw double thread design, enhance its grip on cortical bone.
    4. The unique design of the ball head nail, enhance the anti-rotation ability of the nail body.
    5. Optimized nail wall design, reduce the notch while strengthening the nail arm strength, and make the connecting rod fixed more firmly.


    Better post-op experience

    1. The stem-shaped design of the nail arm reduces the demand for the surrounding bone environment and effectively reduces the notch.
    2. The unique lengthening arm slot design reduces the front edge of the broken arm and reduces the damage to the surrounding soft tissue.

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    Product Formation

    The product is composed of an orthopedic nail, an orthopedic hook, an orthopedic rod and a transverse connector, wherein the transverse connector comprises a transverse hook, a transverse rod and a connector. The product is made of 00Cr18Ni14Mo3 stainless steel in accordance with GB 4234 standard or TC4 titanium alloy material in accordance with GB/T 13810 standard. The orthopedic rod can also be made of TC4ELI titanium alloy material in accordance with GB/T 13810 standard. The surface of titanium alloy can be anodized. Non-sterile packaging.
    Scope of application:
    It is suitable for internal fixation after thoracolumbar trauma, orthopedics and degenerative diseases.