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Flexible Electronic Clinical Digital Thermometer For Family

Accurate and fast, care starts with temperature - LY-302C electronic thermometer

Health monitoring starts with understanding body temperature. We present you a high-precision, easy-to-use home medical product - LY-302C electronic thermometer, which is an indispensable assistant in every family medicine cabinet.

    Product highlights

    1. Easy reading: With intuitive LCD digital display, even children and the elderly can easily read the temperature value.
    2. Liquid crystal display: equipped with 20MM*7MM large-size LCD, to ensure that the measurement results are clearly visible.
    3. Buzzer warning: When the temperature measurement is completed, the device will beep to notify the user in time to prevent missing the result.
    4. Compact design: the product size is only 123MM*18MM*10MM (±5MM), light and portable, suitable for carrying or traveling.


    Design concept

    - The design of the LY-302C focuses on detail and practicality, aiming to provide users with a pressure-free temperature measurement experience.

    - The product is simple in appearance and easy to operate, making temperature monitoring effortless.

    -Whether it's daily health monitoring or frequent testing in the event of a fever, the LY-302C meets your needs.



    By choosing the LY-302C electronic thermometer, you are choosing a fast, accurate and caring body temperature management partner. With user convenience as the starting point, it ensures that every measurement is simple and accurate through sophisticated design and technology. For the health of yourself and your family, start by owning a LY-302C electronic thermometer.


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