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Factory Direct Sales Of High Quality Vss Extended Arm Minimally Invasive System

85mm long arm design, large visual space;

Double plug design, can be fixed at any Angle. Avoid loss of reset;

Double thread design, adapt to the bone density distribution of the vertebral body, better holding force;

Double rib cement hole design, can be used for osteoporosis;

Three-side self-tapping groove design, easy to nail;

Open pressure is easy to realize, simple operation;

Special rod placement equipment, precise rod placement, easy to operate.

    VSS product features

    Minimally invasive percutaneous surgery is less invasive than traditional open surgery, and the amount of blood loss is greatly reduced.
    The long arm design simplifies the required instruments and reduces technical sensitivity.
    Hollow design, accurate positioning.
    The supporting tools are designed scientifically and easy to use.


    Applicable symptoms and contraindications

    Lumbar disc herniation
    Lumbar Instability
    Lumbar spinal stenosis

    Elderly patients with severe cardiopulmonary disease
    Patients with severe osteoporosis
    Patients with significant scoliosis
    Patients with pedicle dysplasia
    Patients with spondylolisthesis above degree II

    VISS3m7mVSSII (1)p60VSSII (2)26g


    Why Choose Fule?

    Beijing Fule is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of medical equipment, and has a production line of fully intelligent processing equipment.

    The academician expert studio was established to help Fule improve its research and 
    development capabilities, and further deepen the cooperation of production-academyresearch; it was approved as a post-doctoral research station.

    The hardware facilities are complete, the R&D team is excellent, and the clinical experts 
    work closely with more than one hundred domestic and foreign patents.

    Based on the agent cooperation model, it has established a nationwide sales and service 
    network, and its products are supplied to nearly a thousand tertiary hospitals across the country and exported to more than 20 overseas countries.