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Automatic Electronic Smart Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

LY-701D Blood pressure monitor: Accurate, convenient, intelligent health management expert

In the fast-paced modern life, high blood pressure has become a common health problem, and timely and accurate monitoring of blood pressure is essential to prevent and control hypertension. Today, we are going to introduce the LY-701D blood pressure monitor, which is an intelligent blood pressure measurement tool integrating technology and humanized design, aiming to provide users with a more convenient and accurate blood pressure monitoring experience.

    Product highlights

    1. Automatic shutdown function: LY-701D sphygmomanometer has automatic shutdown feature, there is no need to worry about wasting power due to forgetting to turn off the device.
    2. Backlight Optional: Regardless of the ambient light, the user can clearly read the measurement results by choosing to turn on or off the backlight.
    3. Voice prompt: For users with poor eyesight, the machine is specially equipped with voice prompt function, which is easier to operate.
    4. Low power prompt: When the power is insufficient, the device will prompt in time to ensure that the measurement will not be interrupted due to power problems.
    5. Full audio broadcast: From start to finish, the whole measurement process has clear voice guidance, making the measurement carefree.
    6. Time and date display: Each measurement result will be accompanied by time and date, which is convenient for users to track and manage their blood pressure records.
    7. Irregular heart rate detection: In addition to blood pressure monitoring, the LY-701D can also detect irregular heart rate, giving comprehensive attention to the user's heart health.
    8. Average data display: Automatically calculates and displays the average of multiple groups of data to help users better understand the trend of blood pressure changes.
    9. TYPE-C interface: The popular TYPE-C charging interface is used to make charging more convenient and fast.
    10. LCD /LED Optional: According to user needs, you can choose LCD or LED display to meet different visual preferences.


    Product features

    - Memory function: Can store up to 2*99 groups of measurement data, convenient for users to review the history at any time.

    - Alarm clock function: three different time periods can be set to remind measurement, to develop a good habit of regularly monitoring blood pressure.

    - Armband circumference: suitable for 22CM to 36CM arm circumference, suitable for different body types of users.

    - Product size: lightweight and portable design, size is only 138MM*112MM*85MM, easy to carry and store.

    - LCD size: clear and easy to read 74.5MM*88MM display, even in motion to easily view data.



    The LY-701D sphygmomanometer is a high-tech health monitoring device suitable for home use. It not only provides accurate and reliable blood pressure measurement, but also brings extreme convenience to users through intelligent functions such as automatic shutdown, voice prompt, irregular heart rate detection, etc. Whether it is for your own health or the health of your family, the LY-701D blood pressure monitor is the ideal choice for your health management.

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